Hi, my name is Ryan Summey. I am a Software Engineer Skilled in C# and Python programming languages. I have Experience working with Unity, Unreal, Azure, AWS, and Web APIs. I am passionate about learning and growing my skillset and earned my master’s degree in Computer Software Engineering from North Dakota State University.

Welcome to my portfolio please enjoy exploring my personal projects available in the Apple App Store & Google Play Store.

Current Games and Apps


Picket Placer

Picket Placer is a great tool to use when you find yourself needing to perfectly space items within a given distance. Typically this would be used for building a fence or deck rails to space them evenly across a given wall length with a regulatory spacing between pickets. This also has a feature to space stair rails evenly on the rail at an angle with a horizontal spacing in mind given a certain pitch. Picket placer was developed in Unity. I thought it would be fun to try and make a app in a game engine.


Squishy Flies is a fun game developed using Unity. Squishy Flies will challenge your hand-eye coordination by tapping on the glowing bugs to gain points!



EigenCalc Allows you to quickly calculate the eigenvalues of a user defined 3x3 matrix. EigenCalc Supports real, and complex roots. EigenCalc was developed in Xcode using objective-c.